This is it, the start of a brand new decade. The roaring 20's. The last time the decade ended in "20" it was defined by a celebration of progress. Are you bringing in the new '20s by celebrating the best version of yourself? If you feel like there is something missing in your life, read on to discover what a happier version of yourself looks like.

1. Why do you desire a change?

The need for change doesn't always hit you instantly, sometimes it's a slow build. You start to take more notice of your present life and maybe something feels off or you find yourself feeling unhappy or unmotivated. Then it becomes a feeling you can't shake. This leads to a realization of why you are feeling unhappy and why your life needs a change.

2. What gets you excited?

What would your upgraded life look like? Manifesting this on a daily basis helps you get clear about your true happiness. Early in the morning, even before the alarm goes off, is ideal because your mind is clear. Or take notice of when you feel you happiest or you are in high vibration mode. Oftentimes, the realization of ones true happiness is a little scary or uncomfortable. But it's necessary for change, so don't be afraid to dig deep.

3. When are you going to do it?

Does the change need to be instant or does it require more planning? This is determined by your current reality and the actual change you want to make. You don't want to wait so long that your plan loses momentum. So setting a goal date to make the change is imperative.

4. Who can make it happen?

Things become more real when we voice it or tell others about it. There's built-in accountability when we make others aware of our plans. Ideally, those that will be directly affected by the change or are going to be a part of it will need to know first. This could be your partner, boss (or future boss) or friends and family. Be open to advice from those you trust, as long as it doesn't compromise your true feelings. The sooner you let others in on your plans, the easier you will breathe.

5. Where are you going next?

Now that there's no going back to the old, less happy you, it's time to focus on the new happier you. Fixate on your new life, be relentless in your pursuit. Remember that it's you driving this change. Failure is not an option because you deserve your newly created happiness in full force.

Here's to a Happy New Year and a Happy New You!

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